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Teeth Whitening

So many of us suffer from discoloured or stained teeth. If you are like one of the millions of people around the world who live with a smile they’re embarrassed about, we say that today’s the day you make a change for the better. Today is the day you book your appointment for professional teeth whitening and experience the whiter, brighter smile you have always wanted.

With Gympie Road Dental you are in safe hands for the very best teeth whitening available – providing a look that is up to 12 shades whiter. We offer professional teeth whitening to a high standard, and use the greatest care to ensure that tooth and gum sensitivity is minimised wherever possible. Your comfort, happiness and overall care are of the highest importance to us, and we value every single patient who comes to see us no matter what their treatment.

We are a professional dental clinic, with qualified dentists and dental hygienists administering your teeth whitening treatment, so there’s never any concern that you’re not getting the best care possible.

If you are ready for a smile that you’re proud to show off, call us today to book in for your teeth whitening Brisbane treatment. We look forward to giving you the confidence that only a beautiful smile can bring. Call us on (07) 3915 8888.

Professional Teeth Whitening for Your Brightest, Whitest Smile

So many people around the world – even those who brush and floss every day – experience discolouration on their teeth. Whether the discolouration is due to tea or coffee, wine, smoking or another discolouring agent – the feeling is the same. You want white, bright teeth that you can feel confident about, not dull teeth that you’re embarrassed about or hate. Our teeth whitening dentist will change all of that for you in one appointment.

What to Expect During Your Teeth Whitening Dentist Appointment

At Gympie Road Dental, we administer Zoom in-house whitening to our patients. Zoom whitening is a superior teeth whitening treatment that can only be found at a dentist. With this whitening treatment, you can expect to see results straight away. During your teeth whitening appointment, the whitening treatment you receive will be provided to you in the dentist chair, which means our dental staff are able to monitor your whitening procedure at every step.

A take-home option is also available to patients, allowing them to use this treatment at home to improve or maintain their sparkling white teeth.

teeth whiting before and after

Teeth Whitening FAQs

Why are my teeth discoloured?

There are various reasons why your teeth may lose their whiteness over time; excess consumption of tea, coffee or alcohol is a big one, while ongoing exposure to fluoride or antibiotics can also cause discolouration. No matter the cause of your discolouration, the treatment is the same, and Zoom teeth whitening will leave you feeling great about your smile.

Will my teeth be white forever now?

It would be lovely if your teeth could keep that white shine forever but because you’ll be eating and drinking again, your teeth will, over time, lose their whiteness. It’s not to say that they won’t be white and bright for a long time; we recommend whitening once every two to three years to ensure a consistently bright smile. If you’re worried about your smile and don’t think that a teeth whitening treatment is going to cut it, why not talk to us about cosmetic veneers for your teeth? This is a long-lasting procedure that offers exceptional results.

Is teeth whitening safe?

There has been plenty of research performed on teeth whitening to confirm that it is indeed a safe cosmetic dentistry option for patients. While there is some evidence to support the fact that home teeth whitening (where the trays are not moulded to suit your mouth, and you buy the whitening from a chemist or supermarket) can cause gum irritation, in-chair teeth whitening performed by a dental expert is found to be safe. We recommended that children and pregnant women should not undergo teeth whitening procedures.

Is teeth whitening for me?

We are dentists first and foremost, which means that in order to determine whether teeth whitening is right for you we’ll need to go through a dental exam. We can then address dental problems and work on ensuring that your teeth don’t just look amazing, that they are amazing. If you’re someone who suffers from dental sensitivity, we’ll address this and ensure that you’re in the least amount of discomfort possible during and after your treatment.

Does supermarket whitening work?

Well, yes and no. While some of the products do work well, the trays that you’re given with your whitening products can cause tooth and gum sensitivity due to the fact that they’re not shaped to your teeth. You’re always going to get the fastest and best results from dental teeth whitening, and we recommend getting a thorough exam done before starting any kind of cosmetic dentistry procedure like professional teeth whitening. So while you might get slightly whiter teeth with non-dentist provided whitening, your best and fastest results are always achieved in the dental practice.

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It’s time to make the first move and give yourself the confidence that a whiter, brighter smile can bring to your life. We are a family dental practice who are experienced and committed to providing our valued patients with long-lasting teeth whitening results that they love.

Book your teeth whitening appointment online or pick up the phone and call us at Gympie Road Dental today on (07) 3915 8888. Come and see us for teeth whitening in Brisbane, we’re waiting to give you your brightest, whitest smile.

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