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Dental Fillings

If you think you need a filling it might be time to call in and book an appointment with us at Gympie Road Dental. A dental fillings procedure is used to restore the function and strength of your teeth. Left untreated you can run into issues with your dental health and may find yourself in a whole lot of trouble and pain.

Signs you might need a filling include:

  • A toothache or a noticeable hole in your tooth
  • Sharp pain in your tooth
  • Sensitivity
  • A dark spot or a hole in your tooth
  • A broken or lost filling

Of course, none of these (apart from the broken or lost filling) is conclusive evidence that you need a filling which is why we recommend coming in for an appointment if you notice any of these signs.

At Gympie Road Dental we are committed to providing dental fillings and treatments as painlessly and comfortably as possible. If you need a filling, please call us and book in for an appointment as soon as possible on 07 3915 8888. 

Tooth Fillings Treatment

A dental filling is one of the fastest and least invasive procedures as performed by our friendly and professional dentists. When you need to get a filling, you can usually get the entire dental fillings procedure done in one sitting.

Step One – Anaesthetic

You can choose to get an anaesthetic for your procedure which can be offered to you to minimise your discomfort.

Step Two – Tooth Preparation

Your dentist will take the time to make the necessary preparations of your tooth. This will include isolating the tooth with rubber dams which keep your tooth and surrounding area dry. Your dentist will remove the decayed tooth and any old filling material. They will also reshape the tooth wherever necessary. The tooth is then cleaned and dried out in preparation for the filling to be placed on your tooth.

Step Three – Your Dental Filling

Your dentist will then use a composite material to insert the filling into your tooth, sealing it up and making it feel as natural as possible. The material and colour is carefully chosen to match your existing tooth colour and shape. The filling is set naturally or by using a UV light. The final part of your filling requires polishing and smoothing.

dentist showing xray of teeth to female

Dental Fillings or Crowns?

When you’re choosing dental fillings, you might be considering whether or not to get a crown instead. The good news is that you don’t have to make this decision on your own – your dentist can look at your tooth and make an assessment as to what type of procedure you need.

In the case of having a large cavity or a crack in your tooth, you will need to get a dental crown placed over your teeth to ensure that any problems do not continue. Your tooth won’t have the structural integrity to continue to support a filling, and you will need a crown to ensure your tooth can continue to function as it should.

How to Avoid Dental Fillings

If you have had a single filling and want to avoid any further tooth fillings or are keen never to have to get a filling at all – we have some tips for how you can avoid the dentist’s drill. These tips work for you even if you have a sweet tooth!

Brush often

Even though this might seem like a little bit of an easy idea – the fact remains that for many of us, brushing our teeth takes a back seat in favour of a busy life. Make sure you are brushing your teeth regularly and that you are removing any food or sugar build-up on your teeth. You can get a toothbrush in a holder which you can keep in your bag, or you can use something like a disposable brush. This isn’t the most environmentally friendly option though, so we do recommend trying another avenue for your tooth cleaning.

Chew sugar-free gum

Sugar-free gum eliminates sugar and residue on your teeth and works to remove the sugary build-up on your enamel. While it’s not the same in terms of effectiveness when it comes to brushing your teeth, sugar-free gum is a good standby for removing sugar from your teeth.

Choose healthier sugary snacks

Obviously, you might not want to exchange a chocolate bar for an apple every day, but you have options. A top tip from your dentist is to avoid at all costs sticky foods and lollies like minties, caramels and toffee. They can not only cause problems with sticking to your teeth and coating them with sugar, but they can adhere to your teeth and rip out fillings! Not good.

Make an Appointment for Your Dental Fillings Procedure Today

If you need dental fillings, we are here to help you. You might be dealing with some pain or sensitivity, but we are here to ensure that you get past this sooner. Contact our team of dedicated dental professionals for your dental fillings appointment today.

Book in for an appointment online or call us directly on (07) 3915 8888. We are here to help you no matter what kind of treatment you are after.

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