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Restorative and Cosmetic Dentistry

At Gympie Road Dental we provide high quality restorative and cosmetic dental care. We are committed to your dental health and in providing the very best restorative dentistry for our north Brisbane patients.

Cosmetic dentistry and restorative dentistry are fields of practice where our dentists enhance the look and feel of your teeth and provide you with confidence and comfort. If you are struggling with a discoloured, damaged, cracked, chipped or otherwise painful tooth, you may need restorative or cosmetic dental treatment.

Whether you are a new patient looking for a trusted cosmetic dentist to revamp the look of your teeth or are an existing patient of ours seeking more information, we are here to provide what you need.

If you are looking for restorative dentistry in North Brisbane wide, we are here to help! We are available for new appointments online and over the phone (07) 3915 8888.

Our Cosmetic Dentistry and Restorative Dentistry Services

We are proud to provide a complete range of services for our patients. For restorative dentistry north Brisbane, you don’t need to look any further than our clinic. Our kind and friendly dental team are here to help with consultation, treatment and advice.

Dental Crowns

A crown is a fixed prosthetic device which is used to cover a tooth which needs greater strength or improved function. A crown might be suitable for you if you have a damaged tooth, or even if you need an improvement in appearance, shape or alignment. Depending on what kind of crown you need, it might be made from porcelain or ceramic.

Dental Bridges

A dental bridge is a prosthetic device used to replace one or more missing teeth. This bridge anchors to the teeth on either side of the gap with the prosthetic tooth in the middle for a full and natural smile.

Dental Implants

Missing one or more teeth? A dental implant might be exactly what you need. Your dental implant is surgically fixed into the gap where your missing tooth is and works to give you back a full and healthy smile.


We can design and fit full or partial dentures for our patients. If you are experiencing problems with your existing dentures, we can help you here as well.

Dental Fillings

Sore tooth? You might need a filling. Dental decay is not something to be ignored – so if you are in need of dental fillings make sure you get onto us straight away to make an appointment.

Root Canal Procedures

When you are experiencing severe pain in your tooth, it can indicate that you may need a root canal. We make sure every root canal procedure is performed with your comfort in mind.


This treatment refers to a restoration which is used to repair a tooth which not damaged to a degree to warrant the placement of a crown.


We perform teeth whitening as an option for our patients who are looking to refresh their smile. Our teeth whitening is performed in-house, or you can opt to perform this at home with whitening trays that are custom-made to fit your mouth.


For a stunning and permanently beautiful smile, veneers provide the perfect solution. Veneers are covers which are perfectly attached to the front of your teeth and provide a lasting and beautiful smile. Our dentists are experienced in shaping, fitting, and maintaining dental veneers.


Bonding is similar to veneers in that it provides a solution to discoloured or damaged teeth. The resin is coloured to the match your teeth and provides a strong and lasting result.

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Cosmetic Dentist North Brisbane

As a cosmetic dental clinic, we are here to provide consultation and advice on what types of cosmetic dentistry is suitable for you. Whether you are curious about teeth whitening or are looking to get advice or information about veneers, our friendly dental team can help you to understand your options.

Restorative Dentist North Brisbane

Suffering with a cracked, chipped or damaged tooth is tough. We understand that you might be in pain or struggling to chew, bite or use your teeth as you would like to. We are here to help change that with our restorative dentistry treatments.

Nervous Patients

We make sure that every patient who comes to see us feels comfortable and confident in their treatment. If you are a nervous patient, you can let us know from the outset, and we’ll do all that we can to ensure that you receive the best in treatment and care without stress. If you have children who need restorative dental or other treatments and they are concerned about getting into the dentists’ chair, let us know. We have a lot of experience working with patients of all levels of confidence and can help you or your child feel at ease.

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Gympie Road Dental for Your Restorative Dental

Book your appointment today and get the smile you are after sooner. We’re based in Lawnton and are here to provide quality treatment and care to our patients across north Brisbane and further afield. You can call us on (07) 3915 8888 or book your appointment online. Get in touch today.

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