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Dentistry for Kids – Children’s Dentist North Brisbane

At Gympie Road Dental, we believe that good dental care starts at an early age. That’s why we provide a variety of dentistry for kids and children of all ages, from young toddlers to adolescents.

Our children’s dentist in North Brisbane is trained and qualified to provide dental care for young children, providing the experience, knowledge and expertise to make dental care fun and exciting for kids.

  • General cleaning and maintenance
  • Customised dental plans
  • Regular check-ups
  • Managing and preventing early tooth decay
  • Child tooth extractions and fillings
  • Treatment of oral diseases and gum issues
  • Management of dental trauma
  • Orthodontics
  • Dental care for children with special needs and medical conditions

Our team will also help you plan your children’s dental care plans, helping you ensure that your kids’ teeth can develop properly throughout this critical stage in their lives. And because each child’s set of teeth is different, we’ll always tailor their dental plan to their needs, creating long-term treatment plans that ensure strong, healthy and beautiful teeth.

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Your Child’s First Visit

Creating a positive first dental experience is crucial to helping your child develop proper dental hygiene. If they feel scared or intimidated during their first visit, then they may develop a fear of dentists that they will take with them to adulthood.

Our priority for your child’s first visit is to make your child feel comfortable and relaxed at all times, whether they’re in our reception or are in the dental chair. Keep in mind that first visits are primarily consultations, where our dental team will meet your child and assess their needs for developing healthy teeth.

We will always create a fun, friendly and exciting atmosphere throughout your visit so that your child will feel comfortable and engaged throughout our meeting.

Below are some tips to help your child prepare for their first visit with our children’s dentist in north Brisbane:

  • Role play and practice. Let your child know what to expect by role-playing at home. Play the dentist while your child plays the patient, and make sure that the whole thing is fun and lively.
  • Make brushing teeth more fun. Sing songs and play games while you and your child brush your teeth. This can help make proper dental care more interesting.
  • Associate dental care with positive words and feelings. Avoid using negative words like “ouch”, “hurt” and other similar words when talking about dental care.
  • Reassure your child. Remain happy, confident and excited throughout the whole process to make your child feel safe and comfortable. Remember that children follow their parents, so make sure to set a great role model for your child.

Starting Them Young

Proper dental care is a part of life, so it’s important to instil good habits early on to make your kids understand that regular dental check-ups and proper dental care are important.

At Gympie Road Dental, we make this easier for you by making dental care more fun and relaxing for your kids. Our friendly staff and children’s dentist will eliminate any fears that your kids may have about dentistry, making them feel safe and comfortable whenever they come in for a session.

Our experienced children’s dentist in north Brisbane will help make your children feel at-home in our clinic, instilling a sense of fun and positivity to help them build good dental habits. We’ll also use age-appropriate tools to make their experience even better, using toys, simple reading materials and kid-friendly dental implements.

We always advise parents to introduce their children to professional dental care early on, and we highly recommend taking your child in as young as three years old. You can bring them in with you on your next check-up to introduce them to our team even before they start their regular check-ups and treatments.

By instilling good dental care practices and proper dental hygiene at an early age, they’re more likely to develop good dental habits and carry these into adolescence and adulthood.

Your Friendly and Trusted Children’s Dentist in North Brisbane

If you’re looking for an experienced and qualified children’s dentist in north Brisbane, Gympie Road Dental is here for you.

We offer a full range of children’s dentistry for kids of all ages, providing the professional dental care they need to grow with healthy and beautiful teeth.

At Gympie Road Dental, we’ll make sure that your kids always leave our clinic with a big smile. Schedule an appointment online or call (07) 3915 8888 for more information.

Child Dental Benefits Schedule

You may be eligible for the child dental benefits schedule through the Australian Government. You can find out more about your capacity to claim here.

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